List of Clubs
Basics of Fencing

There are a large number of clubs in Kent, both formal and informal. Most welcome beginners and will lend you equipment until you get started.

These are list of clubs in East Kent. Each charge £3 to take part and don’t ask for a subscription or require you sign up to anything. All of the clubs below offer regular beginners courses where you can learn the sport with a qualified coach.

They will lend you the equipment needed for 10 weeks, normally after this fencers wish to buy their own equipment as that they have jackets that fit perfectly and have swords which are perfect for their needs.

If you are from outside of these areas email us and we will give you the details of your nearest club or coaching session.

Area                             Day                          Time              

Canterbury                   Wednesday              7.00 pm

Dover                            Monday                   7.00 pm

Deal                               Thursday                7.00 pm

Ramsgate                       Tuesday                 7.30 pm